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Bring pleasure-peace and prosperity.

Remedy/measure for prevention of domestic distress/tribulation/troubles, which can be bring pleasure-peace and prosperity.

"Sarvakashta Nivaran Yantram":
In it all such devices are included which are capable of preventing all kinds of afflictions. There are shriyantra, shrinav-grahayantra,Vyapar Vrudhi yantra, Shri Baglamukhi Mahayantra, Katoarp yoga yantra,Shrisaraswati yantra, Karya Sidhi yantra, Shri Mrutyunjaya Mahamantra,Shri Vastudasha Mahayantra, Vastudasha Nivaranam, Shri Sudarshan yantra, Vahan Durghatna nashak yantra, Sukh Samrudhi yantra, shri vashikaran yantra together with Sampurna Maha Lakshmi yantra in it. This yantra will prevent you from demestic as well as all all other distresses. This is Pranapratishthit and endowed with supernatural powers you have to install it in your chapel.

Baglamukhi+Mahamrutyumjaya yantra Locket: 

Every of brothers, enmity oppositions, quarrel from neighbors, rivalry among businessmen a neck to neck competition among co-workers etc cause hostility. Enmity, Fight, Murders, Law-suits. Some people try even Tantrik and Killing/fatal experiments. In such situation  Baglamukhi yantra Locket alone can protect and the Mahamrutyunjaya yantra of Ashutosh shiv gives protection in all affections and gives long life. The results in no fear from the enemy, no premature death and victory in law suits. For prevention from troubles caused by Navgrahas, Nine gems have been included in it.

In shivling the form of Tripuri, Shakti is assimilated but if the governess of wealth, prosperity, dignity and prowess, Mother Tripur Sundari her self is present in yantraj Tripur Sundari yantra or shriyantra,this extraordinary union is called shriyantreshwar. If  it is constructed on pure crystal it is extremely benevolent and endowed with auspicious effects. If due to our sins committed during earlier births emptiness and misfortune are not revitalizing us even after all rituals and remedies, we should adore shiv-shakti yuti shreeyanteshwar.

Ridhi-Sidhi Data Pyramid: 

You all are aware of the power of pyramid. If one Pyramid is the source of such energy you can use the energy 91 Pyramid in factories, offices, houses, getting rid of architectural faults, relief from recession in business progress in profession income and prosperity and wealth and affluence and fulfil your desire. Dont you want this excellent instrument with the energy of 91 Pyramids and combined with immense power, be installed in your house, factory, shops and office etc?

Parad shivling :
Rasraj, Rassidha Parad(mercury) is considered to be the best of all metals. Being an epithet of shakti(power) of Lord shiva, it is adorable and desirable by all deities. Its adoration provides wealth, health, wisdom and dignity. Vagmatta says, The one who worships Parad Ling with devotion, gets benefits of all shivling of the three worlds. Its sight is pious. Its sight bestows the benefit of 100 Ashwamedh yagyas, bestowal of crores of cows and hundreds mounds of gold.

Dasmahavidya Kawach: 
The worship of the mother of the universe, Durga is done from eternity. Whenever demons oppressed deities, they came to the shelter ofJagadjanani in misfortune. Every time the mother took different forms that are Navdurgas. As Durga has acquired nine forms so she has ten Vidyayen (learning) which fulfil all desires of devotees. One is free from all worries, anxiety, fear, affliction, adversity, disease, failure and one becomes the most successful person if one retains Dasmahavidya Kawach. 

Sampurna Vastu Yantram: 

From relief of architectural influence/evil our sages and prophets have fabricated various amulets. In the roots of all these instrument there is only feeling is the betterment of human beings. According to Vastu (architect) after the completion and before residing in a house the Vastu dosha architectural defects must be pacified otherwise various diseases can be caused. They are very painful. You should hang this yantra over the entrance (door) of your house. This will pacify all vastudoshas of your house, offices factory and shops.

Books Written By Pt.Kamal shrimal 

Kab Aur Kaise (When and How)                       Shani Banay Dhani Rs120/-

Lakshmi Karti Vare Nyare Price Rs.120/-          41 Prachin Vidhiyan Rs120/-

Key to pleasure, prosperity and Health

Lal Kitab Rs 200/-

Ratna Amruti Bhi Aur Zehar Bhi Rs120/-

Vastu Apanayen Rs300/-

Lakshm yoga Rs125/-

Jyotish Aur Lakshmi yoga Rs125/-

Jyotish Aur Lakshmi yoga Rs125/-

Jyotish Aur Lakshmi yoga Rs125/-

Vivah Mein Badha Rs 125/-

Navratri Rs 60/-

Deepawali Rs60/-

Kaisa Hoga Apka Jivan Sathi Rs60/-

Dampatya Sukh Rs60/-

His other books to come Karz Se Mukti,Rudraksh Therapy,Jyotish Aur career, Pitrei Dosh,Gharelu Samasya Samadhan,Bhrugu Samhita.


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