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Do you want to flourish your bussiness?

Business/profession is the basis of our economic prosperity but only the fortunate persons get good business otherwise you must have observed that in this age of competition everybody is after outstripping others. You must have realized  that a successfully running business comes to slowdown abruptly may be someone cause professional impediment. For protection from such incantation experiments and unbounded progress in business, Sampurna Vyapar Vrudhiyantra is very fruitful. There is collection of 13 instruments in it which attract Lakshmi.

Parad Lakshmi: 

Everyone needs wealth whether he is rich or poor. It is materialistic age, to fulfil even a trifling requirement, wealth play important role but Lakshmi is not stable. To someone Lakshmi does not even approach, If you wish Mother Laksmi benevolence and wealth and prosperity in family, you should install a Pranapratishthayukta,tested, mercury image of lakshmi for her permanent abode. Navratna zarit (embedded) shriyantra Locket: you know that shriyantra is Lakshmis most favourite amulet.Shriyantra is supposed to be perfect form of Lakshmi. This is the reason why people install a shriyantra for permanent abode in the house. Our lives are affected by the nine planets (Navgraha) situated in the universe, that is the reason their motion and situation directly affect our lives. For perfect beneficence and exculpation from the Navgraha defects this Navratna zarit shriyantra Locket has been especially constructed.Its retention will make  you prosperous and exculpate Navgraha defects.

Dakshinawarta shankh: 

This instrument is supposed to be favourite ornament of Lakshmi and it is considered one of the Lakshmis form. Wherever this conch is kept in the chapel, Lakshmi makes her permanent abode there. From professional point of view if this conch be installed in a factory/mill, it will abolish adversity and bring prosperity. This conch is especially called remover of poverty. You too install this favourite ornament of Lakshmi and take its full advantage. 

Shri Sumeru Prushtha shriyantra: 

Shriyantra itself is superior and no amulet can excel it in matters concerning economic and materialistic advancement and  for wealth and affluence. Even Jain Scriptures appreciate the advantage of this instrument. There is no doubt that all fruition/accomplishments automatically well in Shriyantra. Sages, hermits, tantriks, traders, householders and foreigners have  unanimously accepted its importance. This amulet is matchless concerning economic and professional improvement. To produce agreeable effect to install a shriyantra consecrated by mantra/spell is more than sufficient. For prosperity and peace in life you must install it today only.

Parad Kuber Yantra: 

As Varun holds water, the sun sap Indra rain, Agnidev heat, Vayudeo life, the same way Kuber is the lord of wealth-prosperity. He is yakshapati and holds the ownership of the wealth of entire universe. The pauper, the persons deprived of materialistic affluence afflicted by adversity who desire for prosperity, opulence and affluence should install this amulet as it is supposed to be as effective as his image. The one who worships it regularly is always far from the curse of adversity and leads a prosperous life. So install it just today.

Indrani yantra Pyramid:
 It is an armour. If there is regular loss and decline in business, you must install Indrani yantra Pyramid ,Your business will prosper limitlessly by leaps and bound. You will go on proceeding on the path of  success. Your income will incessently increase and you will gain permanent affluence.

Other Material: 

For complete progress in business in addition to the above mentioned supernatural materials: Gomti chakra, Vyapar Vardhak, Sfatik Mala, Parad Moti, Moti shankh, Ekakshi(one-eyed) coconut, small coconut, Lakshmi karak couries, Nagkeshar and Vyapar Vrudhi Kawach are useful.


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