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Mangali Kundali Dosh Nivaran Packet

Mangali Dosh (Asterisk Defect), the word itself, makes everybody anxious. Those whose boys/girls are marriageable are very anxious. Does Mangal Dosh really affect life and marriage ? The answer is yes. The mars crosses all limits of malice before it is tried to go through its ill effects. This is the reason why Mars evil situation is studied while thinking over the horoscopes of bride groom and bride because in some houses the presence of the Mars, causes Mangal Dosh (Asterisk defect). Those who are asterisk and try to settle the marriage, they need to be more anxious because even after the settlement of marriage the engagement breaks. Many time mishaps occur on the marriage day. After marriage there are disparities between an asterisk and non-asterisk people. Bitter relations do not permit to live a husband and wife together. There are other confluences, star relations, situations etc responsible for it also. To say, there is no Asterisk deft is futile. The wearer best knows where the shoe pinches. Is there any redemption of this Mangali Dosh. Can one escape from this problem? Can a bride and bride-groom even though they suffer from this defect? Yes, there can be a solution because there is always a solution to a problem. We have Mangali Dosh Nivaran Packet for your problem. You have to do as you are suggested. You must be benefitted. We are just guides.

In this Packet you will get: 

1. Mangal Pyramid.

2. Mangal Yantra 

3. Mangal Yantra Locket 

4. Jap Mala 

5. Moonga Locket

6. Parad shivling

7. Sampoorna Vidhi

Do you have: 

1. Obstructions in marriages.

2. You are not leading a comfortable life.

3. Is there any dispute in your espousal life.

4. Are you facing divorce like situation.

5. The matter is not getting finalized even after confirmation.

6. Even being marriageable you are deprived of married life 

7. No sweet relations with your espouse.

8. There is anger and wrath on trifles.

9. Are you depresses with the painful married with the painful 
     married life?

   Nyauchchavar Rashi Rs 1500/- only.


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