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Sampoorna Vivah Badha kalash

To get ones boys/girls married at right time has becomes a mammoth problem. There are various types of problems concerning marriages. Comparison of horoscope, look beauty,. education, behaving groom/bride, lineage are the factors which affect the marriage matters. These factors make delay. Sons/daughter growing age multiplies the problems manifold.

The married ones are restless due to domestic distress. Today house discomfort has become a permanent problem. Recently married couple quarrel in spite of leading a pleasant life. In spite of all means of luxury one is depressed and restless. If you too are disturbed concerning your childs marriage and dont have any success in setting the marriages of your son/daughter or there is domestic chagrin and you are not leading a comfortable married life, you have this golden chance. You can perform this ritual of Sampoorna Vivah Badha Kalash especially formulated for you to get rid of all your such problems.

You will get in this packet: 

1. Shiv Gauri Yantra.

2. Sampoorna Vivah Badha Nivaran Pyramid.

3. Katyaynit Durga Bisa yantra Locket with Topaz and coral.

4. Vivah Badha Nivaran Kawach.

5. Katyayni Mala.

6. Prayog Vidhi.

(1) Sampoorna Vivah Badha Nivaran is very effective and advantageous in Pyramid     Vivah Badha Nivaran. This annihilates all kinds of architectural defects concerning marriage.

(2) Shivgiri Yantra: It is iniated through textual spell, it plays an important role in setting the marriage matters. This is amulet of Lord shiva and Mother Parvati which makes your home a paradise.

(3)Katyayani Yantra and Durga Bisa Locket (With topaz and coral). It has been especially fabricated for you. You have just to wear round your neck. This will exculpate your Asterisk fault, the same time topaz will provide you a successful espousal life.

(4) It is a Kawach (amour). You have to make it yourself and to bind around your left arm. You will be sent the method how to make it.

(5) Katyayni Mala: You have to recite the prescribed mantras (texts) country on this rosary.

(6) You will be sent a booklet containing all details of all rituals so that you may face no difficulties. All the abovementioned materials are Pranpratish thit (initiated through scriptural texts) and worshipped.


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